John Conyers III arrested but not prosecuted in domestic abuse case

John Conyers III arrested but not prosecuted in domestic abuse case

Conyers' account differed from his girlfriend's, according to NBC News. A district attorney's charge evaluation sheet obtained by Local 4 shows John Conyers III was involved in a violent domestic dispute with his live-in girlfriend.

The district attorney's office concluded it "could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the victim's injury was not accidentally sustained" while Conyers was disarming his girlfriend, read paperwork from the case, according to NBC's reporting. John Conyers' resignation from the U.S. House amid sexual harassment allegations unlocks the seat he's held for more than a half-century.

After the alleged assault, she tried to call the police, but Conyers III allegedly took her phone and chased her into the kitchen of the residence. The argument allegedly escalated into physical violence. she told cops John body slammed her on her bed and on the floor, pinned her down and spit on her.

John Conyers III, the son of embattled Democratic Rep. John Conyers of MI, was arrested under suspicion of domestic abuse in Los Angeles but was not charged, NBC News reported on Wednesday.

Records say the woman grabbed a knife to protect herself, but he disarmed her and slapped her before a second struggle for the knife in which the woman was cut.

Both of them called 911 to complain about the other.

Conyers III, 27, is the son of Rep. John Conyers (D -Mich.) - who has made a decision to resign amid sexual misconduct allegations.

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The congressman's son was taken into custody and then released instead of having to pay the $50,000 bail.

'I have a great family here and especially in my oldest boy, John Conyers III, who incidentally, I endorse to replace me in my seat in Congress, ' the lawmaker said.

Another family member, MI state Sen. Ian Conyers, who announced he will run for the open seat.

It seems Rep. John Conyers' son and appointed successor may face some challenges convincing voters he's the right man for the job.

His endorsement cast a bright spotlight on John Conyers III, and some alleged violence and driving issues have come to light.

Conyers' III Facebook says he attended New York University and Morehouse College in Atlanta and identifies him as managing partner at EIA Alpha Partners Fund Management, based in Detroit.

News reported that John Conyers III was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence in February in Los Angeles.

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