Mario + Rabbids gets a free versus mode tomorrow

Mario + Rabbids gets a free versus mode tomorrow

Need more evidence? Ubisoft is adding a versus mode to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, one of the best Switch games available.

Since launching back in August, Ubisoft's strategy crossover Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has enjoyed critical acclaim by bringing together the unlikely combination of Mario and the Rabbids, and tomorrow players will get to enjoy a whole new side of the game with a competitive edge. Fans of the turn-based tactical shooter can look forward to a much requested multiplayer mode that is arriving with a free update this week. It will pit player against player in epic fights to victory and can be played both locally, as well as online. That free update drops Friday, Dec. 8.

"Each player has just three available actions per turn, and how you decide to invest them is a big part of the strategy here", Ubisoft's post on Ubiblog details.

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There's a catch, however.

In the main campaign for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, players will form a team of three unique characters, customizing their abilities via each character's dedicated skill tree to form the ideal trio. Whatever you do, you can bet your opponent will be watching your every move, so be careful not to leave yourself vulnerable. The characters do not carry over stats and gear from the single-player campaign; instead, each character is balanced and comes with different premade loadouts. And yes, you can pick an all-Rabbid or all-Mushroom Kingdom team. Power ups that do things like let a character act a second time or deal more damage that turn can appear.

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