BABYMETAL Guitarist Mikio Fujioka Dies, Aged 36

BABYMETAL Guitarist Mikio Fujioka Dies, Aged 36

It hurts when someone close passes away, even if that someone isn't someone you know personally.

His death was confirmed by the pop-metal group, which honored their longtime guitarist in a post to social media.

Mikio was known to BABYMETAL fans as Ko-Gami (meaning "little god").

It said Tuesday that Fujioka "has passed away in the METAL GALAXIES" while adding: "We hope that he is now with his GUITAR MASTER A. Holdsworth [Allan Holdsworth] and enjoying an epic guitar session with him".

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Tim Mosenfelder/Getty ImagesChad Smith has shared his reaction to the death of Mikio Fujioka, guitarist for the Japanese band Babymetal, who opened for Red Hot Chili Peppers past year.

According to NME, Fujioka's wife told the publication that the musician sustained severe injuries after falling from a high observation deck while stargazing at an an astronomical observatory on December 30.

"We are the one".

Fujioka had toured with Babymetal since 2013, as one of four guitarists in the live band. Together‬. We're the only one‬. Fujioka also played with groups Trick Box and MMM.

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