CPI(M) toes Karat line, 'rules out' tie-up with Cong

CPI(M) toes Karat line, 'rules out' tie-up with Cong

The two drafts were put to vote and Karat's document prevailed by a 55-31 margin and will be sent to the party congress. "As far as Congress is concerned in Tripura, much of it was taken by Trinamool Congress earlier and recently by the BJP", he said.

Former chief minister VS Achuthanandan, who is only an invitee to the Central Committee and has no voting rights, did not go for the meeting but he wrote a letter to Yechury expressing moral support to his stand that to fight the BJP, all options should be explored, including an understanding with the Congress.

At a press conference on Sunday, Yechury said it has for always been the CPM's stand that the party would not ally with the Congress, but "appropriate tactics" will be considered at the time of elections. However, traditionally, the party congress has never accepted any amendment which goes against the sense of the draft resolution adopted by the central committee. Yechury's proposal had the support of the central committee members from West Bengal. On a question about whether he offered his resignation during the politburo meeting, he said discussions that happened inside the party could not be revealed, and he's still the party's general secretary.

The Karat-led faction had opposed any sort of direct or indirect alliance with the Congress. With this, the battle has now shifted to the party congress to be held in Hyderabad in April, where an alternative resolution may be moved by at least 12 state units reiterating the need for a broader political understanding with the Congress in order to defeat the BJP in 2019.

"As per the adopted draft political resolution, there will be no understanding or electoral alliance with the Congress".

But voting became inevitable when the lobby with the majority, owing allegiance to Karat, rejected Yechury and said taking the two draft resolution to the Party Congress will only mean the CC is not sure about the line the party needs to adopt for its future. Isaac skipped the meeting, saying that he has urgent work with regards to the presentation of the state budget on February 2 and was on his way back to the state.

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A senior CPI (M) leader said despite internal differences, everybody in the party agreed that the BJP-RSS is the "biggest threat the country is facing presently".

If the faction's tactical line gets dumped through a voting, Yechury stated that it would be hard for him to continue in the post of party secretary.

Party sources said, two draft political resolutions were placed in the central committee meeting.

"Since 2002, we have always said there is no electoral front or alliance with the Congress, because it represents the interest of the Indian ruling classes".

The one that favoured adjustment with the Congress had the support of the party general secretary, the CPI (M) West Bengal unit and a large section of the Tripura unit.

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