Drunken Russian man commandeers armored vehicle, crashes it

Drunken Russian man commandeers armored vehicle, crashes it

The joyrider drove the armoured vehicle through his small town of Apatity where he badly damaged a parked auto and then careered through the front of the supermarket.

Russian TV channel Vesti said the suspect was "bored" so he took the vehicle from the driving school operated by DOSAAF, a volunteer group that cooperates with military forces in Russia.

The joyride came to a dramatic halt when he struck a parked vehicle and crashed into the front of a local shop.

What we probably wouldn't do, however, is steal a snow-covered tank from a military training organisation and then ram-raid it into the side of a supermarket in order to steal said bottle.

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He also crushed a auto during his joyride.

Footage shared on social media showed the man subsequently exiting the vehicle through its hatch, briefly inspecting the damage, and entering the shop through the broken window.

After crashing said tank into a Daewoo Lanos (seriously you can't make this stuff up), he has then deliberately driven the armoured vehicle into the side of a local supermarket, where he ventured inside to grab a bottle of wine.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours when it is prohibited to sell alcohol, local news outlet HibInform reported.

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