End to government shutdown is in sight

End to government shutdown is in sight

President Donald Trump's budget director is holding out hope that feuding Democrats and Republicans in Congress can reach a short-term spending agreement before the start of the workweek Monday, but he worries that the government shutdown could last for several more days if progress remains elusive. Senate Minority Whip Durbin took the floor to call the DACA issue the "civil rights issue of our time" and underscore the importance of passing an immigration bill by the new deadline, which he said McConnell had assured them would be on a level playing field. Eventually, Senate Republicans are forced to cave and vote to reopen the government without having whatever their concerns were addressed.

Each day 122 DACA recipients lose protection against deportation.

Following Democrats vote in the Senate to end government shutdown, Sanders said the Democrats realise that the position they had taken, frankly, was indefensible, and that they had to focus on first funding the military, protecting Border Patrol agents, funding vulnerable children through the CHIP programme. "And I think President Trump has played this pretty well", Gingrich told NY radio host John Catsimatidis in an.

Immigration is a deeply polarizing issue, with hardliners in both parties pushing lawmakers into the trenches.

The White House said it is ready to negotiate with the Democrats even if there is differences between the two. Roy Blunt, a junior member of the Republican Senate leadership, said there was a "chance" of a resolution on Sunday night.

The White House defended Trump's hands-off approach to the negotiations, one out of character for a president who made his reputation as the master of "The Art of the Deal", as he titled one of his books.

Monday's breakthrough came after a bipartisan group of more than 20 senators met over the weekend and pressed McConnell to commit to a free-flowing debate on legislation granting legal status to the DREAMers and other immigration issues. "But we should not let the political feuds or policy disagreements obscure the simple fact that every member of this body cares deeply about the challenges facing our country". "We will make a long-term deal on immigration if, and only if, it is good for our country", he added.

"Democrats clearly want to keep DREAMersas a talking point, but they need to grow a spine and actually fight for the DREAM Act", he said. McConnell had previously said he would bring a deal to a vote only if President Donald Trump supported it.

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Democrats condemned the ad, and Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan told "Face the Nation:" "I don't know if that's necessarily productive". The White House said he was in regular contact with Republican leaders, but he has not reached out to any Democrats, a White House official said.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told "Fox and Friends" Monday that if the Senate approved a temporary spending bill to reopen the government through February 8, the House would approve it, too.

Sen. Angus King, an independent who caucuses with Democrats, told reporters ahead of the vote that McConnell's commitment convinced him to support reopening the government.

Trump, who regularly disrupted negotiations in recent weeks, had been a relatively subdued player in the weekend debate. Democrats were using his zigzagging stance in immigration talks - first encouraging deals, then rejecting them - to underscore his first, chaotic year in office.

Democratic leftists wanted Schumer to drive a harder bargain on helping the "Dreamers", young people brought to the United States illegally as children who face the threat of deportation under an order issued a year ago by Republican President Donald Trump.

While lawmakers feuded, signs of the shutdown were evident at national parks and in some federal agencies.

The White House came out swinging against Democrats on Saturday, pointing the finger squarely at the opposition for the federal government's partial shutdown that began at midnight.

Social Security and most other safety-net programs were unaffected by the lapse in federal spending authority.

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