Facebook Created A Unit Of Time You Probably Won't Use

Facebook Created A Unit Of Time You Probably Won't Use

Facebook is in the business of reinvention, having already reinvented the way we communicate, the way we consume news, and even the way we experience reality. Further, the Flicks GitHub page says it is "the smallest time unit which is LARGER than a nanosecond". That, in turn, means that flicks could become a standard unit of time - if not on your wristwatch, then in the visual arts.

"When working creating visual effects for film, television, and other media, it is common to run simulations or other time-integrating processes which subdivide a single frame of time into a fixed, integer number of subdivisions", the post states. Now after the invention of this new unit they will be easily able to divide frame rates easily using Flicks. The nanosecond does not fully serve the goal when defining the frame rates, but now, flicks will address that problem.

The ideas is that a Flick (short for Frame-Tick) is equal to 1/705600000 seconds. In seconds the same frame is 0.041666666666666666-recurring, usually rounded up to 0.04167. For instance, 24 FPS is 29,400,000 flicks, 30 FPS is 23,520,000 flicks, 120 FPS is 5,880,000 flicks and 44,100 FPS is 16,000 flicks. "But, by definition, you can represent these based on an integer number of flicks", a Facebook spokesperson said in an email to The Register. At 60 FPS, seen as a desirable framerate for action-packed video games, each frame is 11,760,000 flicks long.

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Facebook has launched a new unit of time, like seconds, minutes or hours.

Facebook has invented a new unit of time called the "flick", which is equivalent to one 705,600,000th of a second. Horvath left that team in May and began later that month at Facebook's social virtual reality unit, according to a representative from Oculus.

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