Flu cases continue to spike in Washoe County, health dept. says

Flu cases continue to spike in Washoe County, health dept. says

Montana is current seeing widespread influenza activity and the CDC is also warning the public about the potential severity this flu season poses.

"The number of visits at health care systems, physician offices and urgent care centers over the past week has really exploded", said Dr. Ken Mitchell, the chief medical officer with St. David's HealthCare.

With El Paso County reporting almost a tripling in flu cases compared to past year, Immunize El Paso is stepping up efforts to ensure borderland residents get protected. According to officials with Travis County, there have been seven confirmed influenza deaths in Travis County this season.

In Travis County, more than 1,200 tests conducted by laboratories and hospitals have come back positive for the flu, Huang said.

Emergency rooms are being overloaded with sick patients.

"I just want to provide some reassurance that what we're seeing with respect to influenza, at least in Canada, is not unusual, in general".

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It's also never too late in the season to get a flu shot. And there are about 14,000 deaths related to RSV among adults older than 65 each year.

The main symptoms include a fever, coughing, body aches, pains, chills, vomiting and diarrhea. A decrease in appetite and wheezing are signs that it may be RSV. "Parents should make sure their kids are vaccinated and keep them home from school if they have flu-like illness or symptoms".

Typically, the flu vaccination period is from September to mid-December, with most providers ceasing immunization efforts after this time frame.

As to why there's been so much flu activity in the last few weeks Jernigan explains, "It's possible that a lot of folks got together during the winter holidays and so with all those folks getting together, they're able to transmit flu and then take it and send it onto other folks..."

"If someone is out with the flu or something to be of concern, they will give us a phone call and give us a heads up so we can make sure other parents are aware". "Also wash your hands and carry anti-bacterial gel or spray in your purse, trousers or suitcase".

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