Google Duo Users can Make Calls to Smartphone Without Duo Installed

Google Duo Users can Make Calls to Smartphone Without Duo Installed

If you make video calls on your Android device, then you're probably familiar with Duo, Google's app that was designed exactly for that (basically a Hangouts replacement).

Another comment on the thread noted that Google Duo compatibility is now part of the stock Android Dialer and allows calls to non-Duo users.

This feature works exactly the same way as it does with a regular call, it also includes a Knock-Knock feature. Head to the comments section below and let us know! Talking about Google apps, the search giant's newest app to launch is Google Pay.

You must definitely be wondering, how does Google make this happen? A user on Reddit recently spotted that his handset was showing to make a Duo call to a Nexus 6P device, even though the device did not have Duo app installed on it. Users further said that it was possible to make a call to the Nexus 6P handset.

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Duo isn't the most popular yet, but a considerable number of people are switching over to Duo and choosing it over Alo as it provides a smooth and pleasant experience of video and audio calling.

Google's video chats mobile app was announced at the company's developer conference in May 2016 and began its worldwide release in August the same year. There is also a notification icon that is persistent and it can bring the call into view even on navigating away from the call. It is powered by Google's Play App Preview Messaging. Scrolling up from the phone icon will start the conversation. One of the app's shortcomings has been an inability to call people who not on your contacts list and have not registered with the service.

This feature has now been spotted on Android phones. The user to which the call has been made will see an incoming call with the caller's camera view even if the app is not installed on the smartphone. It's messaging app Allo is receiving a visual upgrade as well.

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