Here are details of latest bipartisan DACA deal to protect 'dreamers'

Here are details of latest bipartisan DACA deal to protect 'dreamers'

The White House threw its support yesterday behind a Republican proposal to pass a stopgap bill that would fund the United States government through Feb 16 and avert a shutdown, dealing a blow to Democrats who want such a measure to include immigration protections.

Trump threw voting in further jeopardy Thursday when he tweeted against including a six-year extension of the Children's Health Insurance Program, which Republican leaders had attached to help attract support, particularly from Democrats who pushed for the program.

Some House conservatives oppose the temporary spending measure unless Republican leadership commits to a more conservative immigration bill and can promise a boost to defense spending. The Republicans' slim majority in the Senate means they need some Democratic support to pass a funding measure.

Last September, President Trump revoked an Obama-era executive order protecting some 700,000 Dreamers from deportation, leaving Congress with a March deadline to pass a protective immigration deal.

With the situation stuck between a rock and a hard place, expect the U.S. economy to suffer for it-2013's sixteen-day shutdown cost the economy $24 billion and put 850,000 federal workers temporarily out of work.

But in a moment of bluntness, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell addressed the lack of clarity from the White House.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Kelly also told the lawmakers that the US won't construct a physical wall along the entire border with Mexico, despite Trump's claims to the contrary.

In swift succession over a half hour period, the President, the Speaker of the House, and the Senate Majority Leader were all on television, pointing the finger straight at Democrats in the Senate.

Graham said he too would not vote for another stopgap measure. He said last week that he and his wife would discuss whether he'll run for his House seat again, which he described as a spring ritual in election years. Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said Ryan promised the group future votes on extra defense spending and on a conservative, restrictive immigration bill. And twenty-eight of the Democrats now serving in the Senate, along with Vermont's Bernie Sanders, have already voted against a previous funding bill that didn't address DACA.

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The House is expected to vote as soon as Thursday on the short-term spending bill with the health insurance programme attached.

Ryan also said he wants to reach a compromise on immigration but won't bring such a measure to the House floor unless President Donald Trump supports it.

Meadows said he talked with Trump about the funding situation and "he does not want a shutdown".

- The GOP is on the cusp of passing a six-year CHIP extension in their temporary government funding bill. Seven of those Democrats face re-election in November in Trump-won states - including West Virginia, North Dakota and Montana, which have small numbers of minority voters.

For his part, White House chief of staff John Kelly met with four different groups related to immigration on Wednesday morning.

"I am undocumented, I am a DACA holder, and each day that passes by a lot of young undocumented lose their DACA and are put at risk", said a 23-year-old college student who identified herself as Dennise, one of those arrested in NY.

With government funding set to expire at midnight on Friday, McConnell said Congress is "not yet ready" to move ahead with a substantial deal, as he called for passage of the short-term funding bill to kick talks to next month.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer dismissed the Republican stopgap proposal.

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