Intel presents drone light show over Bellagio Fountains this week

Intel presents drone light show over Bellagio Fountains this week

The drones put on the aerial show at a theater in the Monte Carlo hotel. Intel brought an awesome experience for the audience.

At its CES keynote, Intel showed an impressive light show with the full effect of the tiny drones flying in 3D space. The Shooting Star Mini drones then go out and follow the choreography.

The tech giant tried to forget its high-profile security dramas by staging a glittering drone light show over the fountains of the Bellagio in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

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The drone market is rapidly growing in the world. Instead of using GPS to guide and synchronize the drone fleet's movements, Intel used a new location detection system developed in-house, as GPS isn't reliable enough indoors to risk a faulty presentation.

Complex algorithms could also find subtle changes in data that humans may miss, helping flawless a vehicle's setup as well as the driver's technique. Intel and Ferrari announced a three-year partnership at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show to implement artificial intelligence (AI) and drone technology to help refine drivers' skills and improve the fan experience at races. This light show looked similar to a firework but it was a lot cooler than that.

How much does it cost to rent an indoor Intel drone show? Intel has always been proud of its drone-based light shows - including airing a (pre-taped) halftime show at the last Super Bowl. The brand had debuted at the halftime show at the last Superbowl with its drone-based light shows, seems to have now added a lot more to the latest device.

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