Mario Tennis Aces Revealed; Coming This Spring to Nintendo Switch

However, the game's release date isn't the only thing Nintendo revealed in the Kirby-centric portion of the presentation.

SEGA is bringing back the arcade mecha game Border Break exclusively to PlayStation 4 this year, and we've got a look at the first trailer for the upcoming free-to-play title. The mini-game features two modes, Hite it and Find it mode. The game will be largely the same as the DS classic, but a new scenario has also been promised. The game will launch with different difficulty modes for those who want the experience, to those looking for a real challenge.

Hyrule Warriors is getting one last release.

Hyrule Warriors Definitve Edition (Spring 2018) - Hyrule Warriors is coming to the Switch, and it's packed with features from both the Wii U and 3DS versions. This game will be releasing this Spring.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (Summer 2018) - Originally released on PS Vita and later on PS4, this JRPG will make its way to the Switch sometime this summer.

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PayDay 2 will arrive on Switch next month with an added local multiplayer mode for CRIME.NET and a new character. You'll gather your team and face off against monsters and bad guys to protect your fellow shipwreck survivors.

We know. Cruel. However, it turns out the rumors weren't entirely unfounded.

FPS fans weren't left out either, with the previously announced Payday 2 finally confirmed to be launching on February 23. The debut of a new character named Joy. Telling a brand new story in a new Donkey Kong themed world, players will be able to get in on the jungle-themed action this spring. Each song has a distinct sound and feel thanks to HD Rumble. The game will be hitting the Switch on March 16th.

"This modern take on the pure action platformer lets Madeline climb any surface on Celeste Mountain if she has the stamina". As long as she has stamina, she can climb even the steepest mountains.The game launches digitally for Nintendo Switch on January 25. With a free update coming to Super Mario Odyssey next month, players can engage in a new leaderboard based activity - Luigi's ballon World. By hiding and finding balloons, you'll gain ranks on a leaderboard. It will be available in one of the two paid DLC packs.

The Pokémon fighting game will bring in two new playable characters in two separate DLC waves for Pokken Tournament DX.

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