Nevada DMV partners with federal agency to fight human trafficking

Nevada DMV partners with federal agency to fight human trafficking

January is national human trafficking awareness month. Melissa Gomez, the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission's human trafficking project leader, said it recently received a $450,000 extension of statewide grant funding that will allow the EOC to continue its current programs until 2019. Rush has a message to the women caught up in human trafficking.

You may think human trafficking is scarce in West Virginia because it is not easily found on the streets, but experts say it manifests differently in Appalachia.

Kentucky law requires that anyone who suspects a child is being trafficked must report it. She said, "I don't have the age of the stats, but victims in the Central Valley can be as young as 5 years old, and all the way to 70". Right now, Cruz and Deutch said, the information is tightly held, and not even law enforcement can comb through the data to figure out patterns: who's disappearing, which unscrupulous employment services brought them to the country, which employers were involved. You find more information on The Red Cord website. There are two types of human trafficking sex and trade, this is considered modern day slavery.

Dozens of advocates, volunteers and public officials gathered along Blackstone Avenue on Thursday to raise money for the fight against human trafficking, one of the most prevalent and least understood crimes in Fresno County.

President Trump's proclamation completes the month-long attention on slavery and human trafficking by celebrating National Freedom Day on February 1.

"My hope now is to build awareness and to help other survivors know that they can leave and that there are options for them", Rojas said.

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"Online dating has become very prominent", Clark said.

The website is a resource created to help raise awareness about human trafficking, prevent it from happening and help victims. "Our most at risk population is youth that self-identify as LGBTQ". "That part is kind of hidden usually when the girls feel like they are in a relationship with those individuals".

"I was more careful who I talked to on apps like Facebook and Instagram", said Worth.

In 2016, 182 cases were reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

"When you look at the state, interstates around the country, you look at the trucking plazas numerous trafficking victims are pimped out at these locations and it is the truckers that are on the front lines that are going to be able to see this".

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