NFL Heiress Arrested for Felony Assault After Drunken Altercation

NFL Heiress Arrested for Felony Assault After Drunken Altercation

"Happy bat mitzvah, girls", Cooke's boyfriend allegedly said to Haberkorn's daughters.

According to reports, the incident took place on New Year's Eve outside a Manhattan restaurant, when a confrontation between Jacqueline Kent Cooke - the National Football League heiress - and a man called Matthew Haberkorn turned violent. Matthew intends to press charges and sue the National Football League heiress civilly for what they claim was a hate crime and a civil rights violation.

Seconds later, Haberkorn reacted and confronted Cooke about her language.

According to the New York Daily News, Matthew Haberkorn, 52, of the San Francisco area, his mother, wife and four daughters were collecting their outdoor gear from a coat check after eating at a high-end Manhattan restaurant when Cooke allegedly told him, "Hurry up, Jew".

"She clock [ed] me on the head with her glass purse", he said.

"She just f*cking hit me", Matthew says in the clip.

"Hurry up, Jew. I got places to be", came the reply from Cooke, per reports.

In a video of the incident, obtained by TMZ, Cooke tells Haberkorn, "You called me a f-- bitch. You caleld me a c*nt", Jaqueline responds.

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According to the New York Daily News, the millionaire National Football League heiress shouted anti-semitic remarks at an elderly woman and then bloodied the woman's son with her purse outside of the restaurant.

Cooke's boyfriend pursued Haberkorn, getting increasingly more aggressive before pulling Haberkorn to the ground.

"What are you doing?"

After the offensive remarks were made, Matthew followed the heiress and her boyfriend outside to confront them about it. "You're throwing a woman on the floor", Cooke's boyfriend accused Haberkorn, the video shows. "I walked up to her and asked her why she said that", he said adding, "She took her purse, which was a mirrored glass purse, and smashed me with it".

Jacqueline Kent Cooke, 29, was leaving a posh Upper East Side restaurant called Caravaggio when she got into an altercation with a complete stranger. "Hate crimes have absolutely no place in our society, and Ms. Cooke's status as a socialite does not give her the right to verbally and physically assault anyone, including those from different religious backgrounds". "She falls down and tries to hold or take me down". Haberkorn didn't know who she was but got her name from restaurant workers, he says.

The socialite's mother, Suzanne Martin Cooke, was Jack Kent Cooke's third wife.

Jack Kent Cooke, a lawyer, died in 1997.

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