Pak needs to change its mindset on terrorism: India at UNSC meet

Pak needs to change its mindset on terrorism: India at UNSC meet

India has clearly told at the US Security Council that Pakistan needs to change its "mindset" of differentiating between good and bad terrorists, advising them to focus on challenges posed by terrorism originating from the safe havens from across the border.

The exchange took place Friday at a Security Council meeting on the issue of Afghanistan's relations with its Central Asia neighbors and the link between peace and security.

Earlier, the United States told the UN Security Council that the status quo regarding continues terrorist safe havens in Pakistan is not acceptable.

"Those who imagine sanctuaries outside really need a reality check", she said. The administration of President Donald Trump suspended security aid to Pakistan this month citing its provision of sanctuaries and assistance to terrorists attacking Afghanistan. Pakistan repeatedly has said it is acting against Taliban insurgents and members of the Haqqani militant group.

One senior government official in Kabul noted that speculation about peace talks regularly surfaces in the winter, while the Taliban regroups ahead of its spring offensive.

"That must change", Sullivan stressed. "We have even seen certain countries pursue counterproductive strategies that provide support to the Taliban in the name of countering ISIS".

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"We can - and must - fight ISIS in Afghanistan, while ensuring the Taliban is forced to the negotiating table".

"The continuing resort to military force and escalation of the conflict without an accompanying political and diplomatic strategy. will produce more violence, not a political solution", she said.

Pakistan's Lodhi said that after 17 years of war it's "more than evident" that neither the Afghan government nor the Taliban can win militarily.

"The government and people of Afghanistan have deeply appreciated Pakistan's efforts for taking good care of the destitute Afghan Child and his safe reunion with his family", the Foreign Minister said.

Pakistan is trying to maintain a balance in its relationship with the U.S. and the government has made it clear that Islamabad can live without Washington's aid but will not compromise on national integrity, Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has said.

"Stability and prosperity in Afghanistan will benefit Pakistan as well, since it will enable a return of refugees and remove the ability of ISIS and other terror groups to operate against Pakistan from outside the country", he said.

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