Rocket Lab to Attempt Second Launch as Early as Tonight

Rocket Lab to Attempt Second Launch as Early as Tonight

The rogue boatie who foiled a third rocket launch attempt at Mahia Peninsula will not be charged, police say. Each day the launch window will open at 2:30 p.m. local time in New Zealand, or 8:30 p.m. EST. The relatively small launch vehicle, only 56 feet tall, is catered to the growing demand for a rocket to place smaller satellites in orbit. The company will provide a livestream of the launch on their website, starting about 15 minutes before the rocket's anticipated launch time. will also carry the webcast live.

A rocket launched in 2017 by the company saw lift-off, but failed to reach orbit.

Rocket Lab has successfully launched its second flight as well as launching three mini-satellites into a low Earth orbit. Prior to the December launch attempt, company representatives said they would only launch the rocket under ideal conditions, and that delays were likely.

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"We'll become the second company in the world to have put something in orbit, and New Zealand the 11th nation", said company founder Peter Beck. The launch vehicle being used for the test flight is titled "Still Testing", but it is carrying three customer satellites.

The small-satellite launch company's Electron rocket carried an Earth-imaging satellite and two satellites that enable weather and ship tracking, which were meant to help Rocket Lab gather "crucial data and test systems for the deployment state of a mission".

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