Shane Dawson Talking About 'Sexy 6-Year-Old'

Shane Dawson Talking About 'Sexy 6-Year-Old'

"Here's my statement cause everyone says 'Shane, make a statement.' I am not a f***king pedophile".

He then adds: "Here's the worst part of it, I actually went to Google..."

"I can not believe I am having to make this video, I can not believe this is happening", he says at the start of the video titled "Regarding the rumours about me today".

Dawson, who has 11m YouTube subscribers, tells his fans: "I am not a f--ing paedophile!" And she shows me her Instagram which are like...

"It's disgusting that some people are saying I'm a f**king paedophile because of some s***ty a** f**king jokes on a podcast from six years ago!"

Shane Dawson is a YouTube personality who lives in Los Angeles, California. First of all I don't know why anybody would be turned on by that...but they were sexy... I didn't want to see child porn but I just thought "okay let me pretend like I'm a pedophile for a second.' So I typed in 'naked baby".

A random fan account put out an edited video in which Shawn made jokes about being a pedophile, and took his words out of context to make it sound like he was calling babies "sexy".

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"I loved the feeling shocked and laugh because they couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth". But, they were sexy. Speaking of the original clip, which he played in full, he says "That clip wasn't amusing, but when I play that clip you can hear my co-host laughing". Dawson said at the time he was very insecure and felt like he wasn't confident enough to "make smarter jokes". I was making the easy jokes...

"I was playing insane stereotypical characters".

Shane, who is known for his controversial content, insists that he has "changed so much as a person and as a creative" since the time of the recording. "I'm going to start by saying I'm not a f--ing paedophile. Listening to that clip just now, I didn't laugh; I didn't think it was amusing". "I'm kidding", he laughed.

At this point his co-host interjects to say: "You can literally get arrested for saying this!"

In the hours between the original video being uploaded, deleted and Pop Blast's channel being removed from YouTube, a series of creepy conspiracy theory videos about Dawson appeared, disappeared and reappeared on the channel.

Following an outcry, Shane released a video apologising for using blackface in 2014, describing himself as "ignorant" and apologising to the offended parties.

The controversy comes shortly after Logan Paul, another YouTube personality, faced backlash for posting a video from Japan's "suicide forest", which featured a suicide victim.

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