Tillerson Signals Open-Ended US Military Presence In Syria

Tillerson Signals Open-Ended US Military Presence In Syria

The Unites States is taking Turkey's concerns regarding Syria "seriously", the Secretary of State said.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson vowed the USA military will stay in war-torn Syria for the foreseeable future to counter Islamic State, al-Qaeda and Iran, even as he urged patience in waiting out Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Bloomberg reports.

Speaking at Stanford University after being introduced by former top diplomat Condoleezza Rice, Tillerson said the Trump administration was determined not to repeat President Barack Obama's "mistake" when he withdrew US troops from Iraq in 2011.

In his remarks at California's Stanford University, the Secretary of State introduced the 5 goals the U.S. wants to achieve in Syria which are the followings: complete defeat of Daesh in Syria, conflict settlement within the frames of the Geneva process under the auspices of United Nations, reducing Iran's influence, creating conditions for a refugee voluntary return and liberating the country from weapons of mass destruction.

Indeed, Tillerson's remarks came as Turkey voiced strong objections to a US plan to create a force of about 30,000 Kurds to guard Syria's border. There are now some 2,000 USA troops in Syria, mainly training local forces to root out remaining extremist strongholds. "Ungoverned spaces in conflict zones are breeding grounds for terrorists". As president, however, Trump has had to commit to an open-ended presence in Afghanistan and, now, Syria.

It said Syria "does not need a single dollar from the USA for reconstruction because this dollar is stained with the blood of the Syrians".

Tillerson praised Trump, saying the President is "world-class at social media", and added that printing out the tweets makes sense because he doesn't know what Trump is going to tweet in advance.

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After almost seven years of war, hundreds of thousands Syrians killed and a humanitarian disaster, Tillerson asked nations to keep up economic pressure on Assad but provide aid to areas no longer under ISIS control.

Mr Tillerson, speaking after a month's long review that the Trump team initiated on Syria, presented the U.S. vision for securing its interests and attempting to end the conflict.

"Assad's regime is corrupt, and his methods of governance and economic development have increasingly excluded certain ethnic and religious groups", said Tillerson, speaking at Stanford University in California.

"The process would lead to the drafting of a new constitution and arrangements for internationally supervised election within 18 months", Kerry said in a statement.

"ISIS now has one foot in the grave, and by maintaining an American military presence in Syria until the full and complete defeat of ISIS is achieved, it will soon have two", Tillerson said. "No border force' Tillerson denied Washington had any intention to build a security force at the Syria-Turkey border".

He said British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is packing the agenda for his visit, "but I hope to get by the embassy". "This process will take time". Trump has repeatedly warned that the U.S. will withdraw from the deal if it is not changed.

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