Toyota Unveils The GR Super Sport Concept

Toyota Unveils The GR Super Sport Concept

"This is how sporting competition contributes to Toyota Gazoo Racing's efforts to make ever-better cars". Check out this machine. However, Toyota says it does give us a taste of what the company aims to achieve with its next-generation sports cars.

Like the race auto it's inspired by, the Super Sport Concept is powered by a twin-turbo 2.4-liter V6 engine and a Toyota-Hybrid System-Racing powertrain producing a combined output of 986 horsepower. It was developed by Toyota's Gazoo Racing division, and draws plenty of inspiration from the TS050 Hybrid World Endurance Championship race vehicle. Acceleration figures haven't been mentioned but as you can imagine, it's not going to be slow.

According to Gazoo Racing President Shigeki Tomoyama, there are plans to "develop sports cars from active race cars" - hence, we can expect top see other road cars developed from racing cars in the future, too. The product resulting from the GR Super Sport Concept experiment would be the opposite of that, and Toyota believes that the possibility of offering "polar opposite models" will mean that we should never get bored with its products.

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After Porsche and Audi pulled out of the World Endurance Championship in the past two seasons to focus on the all-electric motorsport series Formula E, Toyota has reaffirmed its commitment to the championship, saying its continued participation is "highly beneficial to the development of cutting-edge hybrid and electrified vehicle systems".

The heart and soul of the new GR Super Sport concept is the hybrid powertrain, comprising a biturbo 2.4-liter V6 engine for a combined total output of 986 horsepower (735 kilowatts).

So although this insane concept won't be hitting showrooms any time soon, it appears Toyota might be planning to launch a supercar of some kind in the near future.

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