Trump considers big 'fine' over China intellectual property theft

Trump considers big 'fine' over China intellectual property theft

The U.S. trade representative is expected to make a recommendation soon. He said, "We have a very big intellectual property potential fine going, which is going to come out soon".

Mr Trump said the damages could be high, without elaborating on how the numbers were reached or how the costs would be imposed. In an interview with Reuters, Trump and his economic adviser Gary Cohn said China had forced usa companies to transfer their intellectual property to China as a cost of doing business there.

Trump told Reuters the U.S. is suffering great damage. Reuters reports that the president did not specify what he meant by a "fine".

"China's been helping us a lot, so you can veer a little bit differently", Trump told the Wall Street Journal in an interview last week.

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Another factor at play: Trump's bark needs to be soon paired with a bite, or China may conclude he is "just another American paper tiger", Bill Bishop notes (paywall) in Sinocism.

During the interview, Trump expressed concerns neither over trade war nor over China's selling of treasuries.

Tu Guangshao, vice chairman and president of China Investment Corporation said he expects "trade friction", but not a "serious trade war", between the two major economies. Trump has said he is holding off aggressive action against China in an effort to persuade President Xi Jinping to enforce sanctions against North Korea over its nuclear-weapons program.

The president added that he will address the issue in his State of the Union address at that end of this month.

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