Trump's medical: Why's he having it and what to expect?

Trump's medical: Why's he having it and what to expect?

White House Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had then dismissed the speculations saying they were "ridiculous" and the President's throat was dry.

When President Trump undergoes his annual medical examination on Friday, his first since taking office, I hope that his assessments include the specific tests that could readily determine if he suffers from a neuropsychiatric condition that could explain his erratic behavior and undermine his ability to perform his duties.

Here in the USA, there is a lot of media interest in the president's health and Donald Trump was asked about his medical check-up by reporters yesterday. Because the health information is considered private under federal law, the President himself must sign off on its release.

The physical will be carried out by Dr Ronny L. Jackson who served as physician to Barack Obama. The president is traveling to Florida later in the day for the weekend.

The president's physical comes in the midst of outside debate over his mental fitness, following the release of a tell-all book that claimed his own staff was wondering about his mental prowess.

The White House announced last month Trump's plan to have a physical after he slurred words during a speech declaring U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Donald Trump has arrived for his first medical checkup as president at Walter Reed military hospital.

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Legislators have until early March to find a compromise for the immigration program that allows undocumented children to stay in the United States, and Trump has said the bill needs to have "love".

The normally routine exam has taken on outsized importance given the tone of some of Trump's tweets, comments attributed to some of his close advisers and Trump's recent slurring of words on national TV.

The accusations were made in author Michael Wolff's salacious tome Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. The White House attributed that to a dry throat.

Such questions about mental fitness, which for other presidents have largely remained out of the public realm, will not be answered by today's exam.

But that hasn't quelled the debate, with the issue now being widely discussed by the media, medical professionals (who haven't examined Mr Trump) and lawmakers in Washington.

While the White House attempts to mitigate the intense backlash over President Donald Trump's racist remarks referring to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as "shithole" countries, NBC has a new report detailing a disturbing-yet wholly unsurprising-exchange that occurred between Trump and a Korean American intelligence officer last fall. The US President, however, rubbished claims of his alleged mental instability by calling himself "a very stable genius".

Last year, during a visit with world leaders in Sicily, Italy, Trump opted not to walk with them a length of about two football fields for a group photo, but instead waited for a golf cart to take him the short distance.

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