United States hospitals recovering from IV fluid shortage caused by Hurricane Maria

United States hospitals recovering from IV fluid shortage caused by Hurricane Maria

A manufacturer for the product in Puerto Rico was affected by Hurricane Maria in September which has stalled production. It's tough to figure out whether Democrats are more concerned with making political hay or making America a better place to live and work.

Millie Hernandez, second from right, went back to Puerto Rico to use her skill as a registered nurse following Hurricane Maria. A recent news report estimated that half the island still has no power, more than 100 days after the storm. Richard Blumenthal said Thursday on the Senate floor, a day after returning from a two-day fact-finding trip to the USA territory with fellow Democratic Sen.

The FDA's concern has focused mostly on small saline IV fluid bags made by Baxter, an Illinois-based company with three facilities in Puerto Rico.

One of the biggest manufacturers of intravenous bags is in Puerto Rico. Photo by Kristopher Radder/Brattleboro ReformerIn a subsequent statement, Gottlieb also cited Baxter's disrupted production of amino acids for injection. "The simple way to explain the shortage issue is, there are a number of low-priced, high-need products that are only really used in hospitals or acute or procedural settings", said Couldry.

"Yes, it is going to be a little bit more challenging but we're ready to meet the challenge", Dr. Montella said.

"The hurricane has highlighted the lack of investment in infrastructure over the last decade or so as a result of the island's financial problems", Edgar said.

He said they are on allocation and do get some supply, about 85 percent of normal orders. Michele Evink, pharmacy manager at Clarke County Hospital in Iowa, added that Clarke's staff has engaged in workarounds to compensate for lacking supplies.

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We also reached out to Regional Hospital.

"The reality is we are really struggling", said Ross Thompson, executive director of pharmacy at Tufts Medical Center.

Boyer says they became aware of the shortage after Christmas during one of Xenia's treatments. Employees have rationed some and used syringes for IV pushes. And he plans to make sure it's earmarked for that goal, rather than leaving it up to the Trump administration to split up the dollars with Texas.

At Northeastern Vermont Regional, Auger said IV fluids "make it really convenient" to deliver a variety of medications including antibiotics, pain relievers and cardiovascular drugs. To see more, visit WNPR News.

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"None of our patients would notice any difference", Dr. Montella said.

A national shortage of a common health supply has local hospitals reacting.

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