US House appoves short-term spending bill, avoid shutdown

Funding for the federal government runs out at midnight on Friday.

That directly contradicts the thinking of congressional Republicans.

Changing the bill could delay its consideration, further reducing the margin of error less than 48 hours before the shutdown deadline. Trump tweeted, using the acronym for the Children's Health Insurance Programme. There's a lot - as insane as it sounds, there's a lot of time between now and the end of the day tomorrow.

But the bill's prospects in the Senate are uncertain.

Most Democrats remained opposed anyway, though saying they'd relent if there also was a deal to protect around 700,000 immigrants from deportation who arrived in the children and now are here illegally.

Senate Democrats were likewise poised to vote against CHIP, as they declared earlier in the day that they had the votes to filibuster the spending bill and shut down the government.

"We don't have a reliable partner at the White House to negotiate with", said Senator Lindsey Graham, of SC, according to the Washington Post.

Others are just exhausted of the whole exercise: Congress using short-term spending bills to kick the can down the road only to return to do it again a month later.

US House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), flanked by Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), addresses reporters in Washington, US, January 17, 2018. His group is pushing for greater defence spending, among other things.

If lawmakers don't extend funding by Friday night, the government will shut down early Saturday.

Leaders said Thursday they would have the votes to block the House-passed measure that would have funded the government for another four weeks.

One such priority Democrats are hoping for includes a fix for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which the current administration began sunsetting for young immigrants in September.

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However, he offered no timetable for when an agreement might be reached.

"I think we're not going to get a (continuing resolution) through the Congress until we have a pathway forward to increase defense spending, deal with immigration, CHIP and everything else". President trump sending mixed messages himself.

Mexico once again said it would not pay for the wall, despite Trump's repeated insistence that it will.

Barring a last-minute immigration and spending pact between the two parties, lawmakers said a measure financing agencies for just several days was possible to build pressure on negotiators to craft a deal.

At the same time, some conservatives in the House were withholding support, as they pushed for guarantees that steps would be taken to beef up the US military.

"And then the next step, as we've discussed in there, Phase 2, might be the larger issue of the 11 million people who have been here for years".

"Even so, most Democrats were ready to oppose the legislation, and GOP conservatives were threatening to defect as well".

Schumer asked how can senators negotiate when the president, who has to sign the legislation, "is like a sphinx on this issue, or says one thing one day and one thing the next?"

Democrats will reject that comparison, and they have a reasonably good argument. "Instead, Republicans and the president seem intent on pursing a policy of intransigence". The glide path to a temporary budget extension, while bumpy, was realistic.

Ryan can count on some moderate Democrats to vote for the stopgap if the only other choice is a shutdown, giving his team a valuable cushion.

Sen. Brian Schatz, a Democrat from Hawaii, said he had doubts about voting for another short-term CR while Sen.

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