Vermilion police takes heat after La. town with same name arrests teacher

Vermilion police takes heat after La. town with same name arrests teacher

The people that are behind me- students in my classroom and the people in my community.

She asked those in the crowd to show up to those school board meetings and stand up for what is right.

Hargrave has received support from several teachers' unions following the incident.

"If our teachers are treated like that, that what does it say for them?" says Alice Stelly, a Kaplan resident who was eyewitness to Hargrave getting handcuffed during Monday's meeting. The marshal asks the teacher to "stop resisting" and escorts her from the building.

The American Civil Liberties Union and her teachers union are investigating the case.

Deyshia Hargrave previously spoke out against the Vermilion Parish School Board (VPSB) for voting to give the standing superintendent almost $30,000 raise, which she claimed was a "slap in the face" to hard-working teachers who haven't seen a boost in pay in years. A uniformed city marshal then ushered her from the room and handcuffed her.

School board president Anthony Fontana additionally shielded the activities of the officer in a meeting with KATC, contrasting the move made with an understudy's being rebuffed for rowdiness.

She added: "It's sad that a woman has to be forcibly, violently removed from a board meeting for people to start caring". The marshal handcuffed Hargrave and video shows a brief struggle in the hallway outside the meeting as the educator screamed, demanding to know why she was being arrested. Hargrave told the officer she wasn't resisting but was "pushed" to the floor.

"Today my heart is broken for money reasons, but my will is not". "But, when is a good time for a superintendent to get a raise?" "However, a person has to follow the rules".

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The meeting video shows Puyau was answering Hargrave's comment when the officer appeared and ordered her to leave. That's what you want to hear, and it's the truth.

Puyau, speaking to NBC News in an interview that aired Wednesday night, said he deserved a raise because the school district ranked 6th in performance in Louisiana, though his pay ranked 57th.

He said the officer did nothing wrong and that the board has received death threats since the incident.

The issue has become so contentious that the Vermilion Parish school board office went on lockdown Tuesday, but dozens are still overwhelming the OH police department located roughly 1,100 miles north. It is not fair to our families.

She said she returned to school on Tuesday, hours after being freed from jail, and that her students and their parents had been supportive.

"The realization that my students were going to see the video and I had to go to work the next day.I teach fifth and sixth graders so I wasn't sure how they would feel about it".

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The teacher said she felt she was "definitely" owed an apology from the marshal and the superintendent.

"I just kept thinking, 'This is really happening". According to school board member Kibbie Pillette, Fontana then beckoned off-camera to the officer, who interrupted Hargrave while she was speaking and ordered her out.

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