Winter Olympics: Jenny Jones - history-maker at Sochi 2014

Winter Olympics: Jenny Jones - history-maker at Sochi 2014

On Tuesday, representatives of North and South Korea met across the demilitarized zone to discuss various issues, and they announced that North Korea would participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics. That dialogue restarted on Tuesday, after a break of two years, in talks in the border village of Panmunjoin, which resulted in North Korean regime agreeing to send a delegation to next month's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

He said: "I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong-un".

It added that the two leaders hoped the latest dialogue effort would lead to a peaceful resolution of the North Korean nuclear issue and the establishment of peace on the Korean Peninsula, beyond next month's Olympics. "I want to show my gratitude", Moon told reporters at a news conference, Reuters reported. On November 29, the North Korean leader said that his country had achieved full nuclear statehood after what he said was the successful test of a new missile capable of striking anywhere in the United States.

He said in a news conference later that the United States had problems with Pyongyang, but a lot of good talks were going on.

In follow-up questions Trump pushed back against the notion that his relationship with Pyongyang has soured, saying, "you'll see that a lot with me".

"More disturbing, it reinforced Kim's determination to keep his nuclear weapons and may have increased the risk that the North could misinterpret USA military exercises as the prelude to a regime-threatening attack and decide that it has nothing to lose by striking first". The two sides also agreed to hold military talks in an attempt to prevent an accidental conflict on the peninsula.

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Trump has said North Korea won't be allowed to develop a nuclear missile capable of striking the U.S., and has threatened war if economic sanctions and negotiations can't avert Kim's ambitions for such a weapon.

The statement did not specify the circumstances, but the openness to talks with Pyongyang marks a shift for Trump.

It urged the USA and South Korea to halt joint drills entirely, rather than just delay them until after the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang next month.

But U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who will co-host the Vancouver meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, has been pushing for the interception of North Korean vessels.

To enact the strategy, the United States would respond to some North Korean provocation with a limited strike.

Kim has vowed never to give up his country's nuclear weapons, regarding them as his last line of defence against a U.S. invasion.

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