Adam Rippon dedicates medal to Reese Witherspoon and mom, in that order

Adam Rippon dedicates medal to Reese Witherspoon and mom, in that order

This news clip has resurfaced of Rippon talking about his Olympic dreams - when he was 13.

'The most recent snub comes from an Olympic figure skater named Adam Rippon.

Rippon proudly said, "I'm going to go to Target and I'm going to get a bottle of Sauvignon blanc, Oyster Bay, with the twist top, immediately".

Rippon is scheduled to compete Friday in the individual figure skating event in PyeongChang, where he has the chance to bring home the gold.

Karen Crouse, the author of the of the NYT piece, wrote how the skater, 2016, endured a daily diet of just three slices of whole wheat toasted bread, topped with just I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and three cups of coffee, which he sweetened with Splenda. "'Rafael, this is what I'm eating.' And he said, 'I know". I haven't heard him mention you once???'

After skating, Adam Rippon said he felt "great and unbelievable", but also "ready for lunch and a good nap".

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Speaking of the Sesame Street crowd, at the same press conference where he called himself "America's sweetheart", he explained his motivation for being out and proud at the Games. "I was trying to keep it together - I was crying throughout her entire performance".

Despite the VP's conciliatory replies to Rippon and his assurances that he supports all U.S. Olympians equally, Rippon continued attacking Pence throughout his time in South Korea.

Rippon told CNN that he still stands by his comments but wants to just focus on the competition right now.

Donald Trump Jr. slammed US Olympic medalist Adam Rippon for the athlete's criticism of Vice President Mike Pence's position on gay rights.

Even after his repeated attacks, ubiquitous anti-Trump statements, and ongoing screeds, Rippon then complained that Pence and Trump were "distracting" the Olympics team from their sport. I thought it was completely unnecessary, and I thought he was kind of taunting him. His mother, Kelly, recalled a coach telling her that her 10-year-old son would never execute extreme jumps due to his "heavy bottom".

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