GOP congressional candidate Paul Nehlen banned from Twitter for racist image

GOP congressional candidate Paul Nehlen banned from Twitter for racist image

Patrick J. Adams has come to his former Suits co-star Meghan Markle's defence after United States politician Paul Nehlen shared a racist Twitter post about the royal-bride-to-be.

Nehlen "has spent months curating an image of a sometimes ironic, but most certainly honest, white nationalist willing to say things meant to push populist nationalism into the discourse", writes the Southern Poverty Law Center. The self-declared white supremacist had shared a photoshopped image of Markle with Britain's Prince Harry, her fiancé, with an image of the Cheddar Man - a dark-skinned man believed to be the first modern Briton - superimposed on her face.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the action might have stemmed from a controversial tweet Nehlen made Friday regarding actress Meghan Markle, who's engaged to Prince Harry.

Nehlen's suspension also comes after he sent out tweets claiming Jews control the media and identifying Jewish reporters. After Twitter suspended his account, Nehlen called it an effort to "suppress right-wing political speech" and "the epitome of interfering with a federal election", The Washington Post reported.

The Sun Online has approached Paul Nehlen for comment.

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"A deliberately inflammatory article (that I'd argue is pure junk science) was published indicating Brits, and by extension, Americans, came from this Cheddar Man character", he wrote on Facebook Sunday.

Nehlen, who got just 16 percent of the vote against Ryan in 2016, is mounting another primary run this year.

A spokesman for U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, of Janesville, whom Nehlen is challenging in the August GOP primary, said "it has always been clear that Paul Nehlen holds bigoted views".

Nehlen won far-right conservative backing in 2016 when he ran on the argument that Ryan wasn't loyal enough to then-candidate Donald Trump.

Nehlen, meanwhile, said in a statement that he still considers himself a member of various county Republican parties in Wisconsin because he paid past dues. But the site said it cut ties with Nehlen in December after he, according to Breitbart, "made a series of anti-Semitic and pro-white supremacist comments".

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