Government of Alberta sets up online petition targeting John Horgan

Government of Alberta sets up online petition targeting John Horgan

Alberta United Conservative Opposition leader Jason Kenney has urged Notley to reconvene the legislature for an emergency debate on the issue.

The Alberta government has formed a task force to deal with retaliatory measures against B.C. It will meet later this week, and Notley said it's not ruling out any options. No doubt Notley thinks the assembling of such a group signals action on the part of the government, but she's mistaken.

"This will hit a lot of those small businesses out there but more importantly, it sends a message right across British Columbia and in fact, across Canada that even though Ottawa approves these projects provinces can still scuffle them and that sends a message to investors saying hmm...maybe I better stay away from BC".

In response, Notley suspended talks with buy CAN$500 million worth of electricity and halted imports of B.C. wine, worth about CAN$70 million a year.

The industry has found itself caught in the middle of a provincial trade war, and it all has to do with opposing positions on the Trans Mountain pipeline. She said it's incumbent on them to decide what those moves are, but said they should include defining "unnecessary delays" and what will be done to get remove the threat to ban increased oil flows.

The two premiers haven't spoken since Notley announced her wine ban, but both have been discussing the pipeline issue with officials from the federal government. "Tell Premier Horgan and the B.C. government to stop standing in the way of working Canadians".

He also warned Horgan's government that Alberta won't forget B.C.'s actions.

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Carr says all B.C. has done thus far is announce a plan to consult its residents about whether more research is needed, and that nothing has been done that should stop the construction of the pipeline.

"The federal government needs to act immediately on this to preserve the federal legislation and the constitution and I'm pointing the finger at the federal government as well".

Kinder Morgan's proposal would triple the capacity of the Alberta-B.C. pipeline.

Carr said the Conservatives are trying to manufacture a crisis and that very aware Canada can and will do what it takes to exert its authority to have the pipeline built.

She says talking to each other inside the legislature isn't what's needed.

About the only reason I can see for the fed Libs to scold the B.C. Dippers for holding up a pipeline is that the Trudeau Liberals don't like competition for who gets to hose Alberta the most.

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