Lima Group nations flay Venezuela election date

Lima Group nations flay Venezuela election date

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the reopening of the country's consulate in Miami, home to a sizeable anti-government community, before presidential elections on April 22.

"In Venezuela there will be no coup d'état, so there will be presidential election and the people will decide who their president is in a free way", Maduro said.

Ms. Aljovín was backed by foreign ministers of the Lima Group, a coalition of 14 mostly conservative governments in the region formed a year ago to push for what it considers the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.

Pro-government election officials recently announced the early election, drawing condemnation from the United States and several Latin American countries.

"In Colombia, they are planning to bring back times that have already ended, like military bombing, a military invasion or the occupation - through blood and gunfire - of a peaceful country like Venezuela", Saab said during a speech in the Venezuelan state of Anzoátegui on Monday. We urge the National Electoral Council to set a new electoral calendar in compliance with the 1999 Constitution and in consultation with the National Assembly.

Cuba rejected the declarations made by the so-called Lima group against Venezuela as well as the decision to deny it the participation in the Summit of the Americas to be held next April in Peru, the Cuban foreign ministry said in a statement Wednesday evening.

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The Lima Group statement said the group respected Peru's decision.

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos appealed Tuesday for more worldwide assistance to cope with hundreds of thousands of refugees trying to escape Venezuela's imploding economy.

Colombia and Brazil tightened border controls last week as both nations grappled with a mounting influx of hundreds of thousands of desperate migrants.

"I appreciate the offers of financial and other aid from the global community".

Colombia and Venezuela have a long history of diplomatic and territorial disputes. That, combined with hyperinflation in the oil-rich country, has led to the mass exodus.

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