Peru jail twin who switched with brother is recaptured

Peru jail twin who switched with brother is recaptured

Alexander Delgado Herrera was serving a 16-year sentence for child sexual abuse and robbery in a Peruvian prison north of Lima when he chose to make his escape.

Alexander drugged his brother, changed into his clothes and walked out of the jail, the BBC reported.

Herrera evaded authorities for 13 months before his life on the lam came to an end.

While his brother was on the run, police had arrested Giancarlo on suspicion of helping with the escape. But he was not charged and has since been released.

He's now on his way back to prison, but it's unlikely his twin brother will be visiting him again in a hurry.

It was several hours before guards suspected that something was wrong.

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He will now be moved to a maximum security prison in highlands in the south of the country.

Alexander Delgado spent 13 months on the run after drugging his twin brother and leaving him in his prison cell.

Herrera had swapped clothes, walking out freely through six internal doors and then the main gates of the prison, with no one spotting the fact that he had no visitor stamp.

He was the first prisoner in more than a decade to escape from the prison.

The Interior Ministry said: "Today there was the recapture of a rapist who on January 10, 2017 left Piedras Gordas [prison] being supplanted by his brother".

"This relative was in detention in place of him, but today Delgado Herrera has been arrested".

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