Angela Merkel elected as German Chancellor for fourth time

Angela Merkel elected as German Chancellor for fourth time

Chancellor Angela Merkel says "it's finally time to start work" as Germany's new government prepares to take office almost six months after the country's election.

German lawmakers voted on Wednesday to re-elect Angela Merkel as chancellor for a fourth, and likely final, term that may prove her most challenging yet as she leads a fragile coalition with her standing diminished.

Her Christian Democratic bloc (CDU/CSU) and Social Democratic Party reached an agreement last month to form another "grand coalition" government, after a months-long post-election stalemate.

Angela Merkel said what gifts were exchanged with Vladimir Putin.

"(Merkel) said it's up to Russian Federation to quickly provide answers to the British government's justified questions and to heed the call to completely and immediately lay bare the relevant chemical weapons programme to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons", Seibert said. In Europe, French President Emmanuel Macron has been awaiting a German response to his calls for an ambitious European Union reform agenda.

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Ms Merkel is due to be sworn on Wednesday.

The new "grand coalition" of Germany's biggest parties emerged after Merkel's attempt to forge an alliance with two smaller parties collapsed.

"I got a very good smoked fish from Putin", said Merkel.

The same parties have governed for the past four years but putting together the new coalition has been hard work.

"That is the job we have and we will fulfill it".

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