Google Play Books New Features Make Listening To Audiobooks A Lot Easier

Google Play Books New Features Make Listening To Audiobooks A Lot Easier

The new Bookmarks feature allows you to easily save all of your favorite moments in the Google Play Books app.

Audiobooks on Google Play is available in nine languages across 45 countries. To show off some of those features and give developers the time to fine-tune their apps accordingly, Google has released a new developer preview for Watch OS.

Numerous phones with the "This Device Is Not Certified By Google" error are cheap, no-name Chinese brands that weren't meant to be supported by Google, but tablets from another major player have seen issues - with said player being Amazon.

Have you tried out Google Play's audiobooks feature yet? Amazon does offer this mix and match feature through its Kindle and Audible digital book empire.

Smart Resume is continuing the book from the sentence you paused it at, instead of the exact word, so that way you wont feel confused what is going on at all. You can do this all in one step, hands free with the Google Assistant's support for Routines.

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Speed it up-or slow it way down-with greater speed controls.

The new audiobook features are available on Android, iOS, and with devices that use Google Assistant.

The final piece of Google's audiobook update relates to the Family Library, which allows you to share some content you've purchased through Google Play with up to five other people. Built-in Google Assistant options include putting your Android phone on silent (sadly, this doesn't work for iPhones), giving you a weather and calendar briefing for the next day, asking you what time your alarm should be set for, making your home automation adjustments, and then setting your volume and playing music or sleep sounds.

The company also announced the expansion of the e-book and audiobook family to users in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Chile, Mexico, Japan (audiobooks only), and South Africa.

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