Gorgeous platformer Planet Alpha partners with Team17

Gorgeous platformer Planet Alpha partners with Team17

Earlier today over at the PlayStation Blog, indie developer Adrian Lazar announced his upcoming side-scrolling platform adventure game Planet Alpha.

As outlined in the moving pictures below, Planet Alpha weaves a gorgeous art style with puzzles, stealth mechanics and intricate platforming-wherein, after waking up in odd surroundings, the player can "rotate and control the planet" as they strive to find their bearings. The game has a very striking art style and makes full use of the Unreal Engine to deliver what might be the best looking platformer ever created.

Players awake on a odd alien world that is home to many mysterious, exotic flora and fauna. As you explore the world around you, you'll uncover the ability to rotate and control the planet.

Planet Alpha surfaced in 2013 as a side project of then IO Interactive employee Adrian Lazar. Is this world really as tranquil and serene as it first appears and what more will you discover?

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"Planet Alpha is the work of passion of a small but very ambitious team", said Lazar.

There's no date set in stone yet, but it's likely we'll see the game release later this year. Bestwick's understanding of the game is nearly as passionate as Lazar's as she states that Planet Alpha has the kind of world that she certainly wanted to spend time in. Planet Alpha will be arriving for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018.

What do you think of Planet Alpha so far? Rocket down to the comments below and let us know.

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