Gov. Rick Scott opposed to arming teachers

Gov. Rick Scott opposed to arming teachers

- Governor Ricks Scott will highlight his action plan to make major changes to help keep Florida students safe.

Scott said the state is operating on a surplus when asked if he would have to shift funding to implement his $500 million plan.

Scott wants one school resource officer for every 1,000 students and mandatory active shooter drills. "What is more, I think it's important to establish a program so that we can enlist the help of retired military and law enforcement personnel to ensure that our students are safe while they learn".

Other investments include bullet proof glass, steel doors, upgraded locks and metal detectors in schools.

Conservative lawmakers are troubled by what they see as an intrusion on gun rights, including the establishment of a three-day waiting period for most gun purchases and prohibiting anyone under 21 from buying any type of firearm.

"The NRA is against this bill, so I'm going to be for this bill", said Daniels.

"I am going to do everything to make sure that our children feel safe".

Something none of them support: arming educators.

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Silva said having a presence at every school is a "top priority" for PBSO.

"It's a very complicated issue, and we've got to continue to talk on both sides of the political aisle, and in our neighborhoods and community meetings all around the city, in our community, and continue to talk about it and get ideas from each other", he says.

However, she added they would have questions about how the governor would expect the plan to be implemented, including how it will be funded.

Rep. Kamia Brown, D-Ocoee, said putting guns in school is not the answer and is a step supported by the National Rifle Association.

In addition to the school security aspect, the governor would like part of that $450 million to go towards incorporating mental health professionals that each student would have access to, including a DCF employee to oversee everything.

Protesters outside Scott's event included Tim Heberlein. Williams further says law enforcement needs to be empowered to make those decisions.

"Florida's never going to be the same", Scott said Wednesday.

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