#N12BX: Alberto Carvalho declines offer as NYC schools chancellor

#N12BX: Alberto Carvalho declines offer as NYC schools chancellor

"He's left a legacy in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and on behalf of the teachers and my student body, we express our gratitude, honor, praise, indebtedness and love", the educator said.

But Carvalho has had a change of heart, he said Thursday at a televised meeting with the School Board of Miami-Dade County.

De Blasio announced Wednesday that Alberto Carvalho, the superintendent for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, would fill the NY position. "I am making a decision and announcing a decision today, after speaking with the honorable Mayor Bill de Blasio, that I shall remain in Miami-Dade as your superintendent".

In apparent frustration over the reversal, Phillips tweeted, "Who would ever hire this guy again?"

Carvalho said speaking to children, who implored him to stay, had the greatest impact on him, convincing him to change his mind and stay in Miami.

Carvalho said the promise he had made to the children of Miami was more important than his agreement with de Blasio's administration.

The city already had reached an agreement to share the news with Politico that Carvahlo was the city's choice, and de Blasio said that at about 5 p.m, Carvalho "confirmed that he was very comfortable giving the information to Politico".

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Rapper Luther Campbell, better known as Uncle Luke, also asked the superintendent to stay in Miami, saying, "New York ain't got nothing on us". Not long after Phillips' tweets, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams offered up a book recommendation for Carvalho: "You Blew It".

Clearly Carvalho, who has has national ambitions as big as de Blasio's and has considered running for office in Florida, wasn't the man for the job of leading an army of teachers in the care of more than 1 million NY students, the largest school system in the country.

In lower Manhattan, City Hall scrambled to notify members of the Panel for Educational Policy, the school-oversight board which had been scheduled to vote Wednesday evening on the largest round of proposed school closures since de Blasio took office. "There is.never a boring moment in our great city", Mayor de Blasio's spokesman said after learning of Carvalho's decision.

O'Shea said she is committed to working with the new superintendent and new board members, whoever they may be. "I've not experienced anything like it", de Blasio said. As the meeting approached the two-hour mark, he said he had made his decision but first had to speak with the man who made him the offer, CBS Miami reports. "I think he was battling the decision, but I think he was heading to NY". But she will now stay on until a replacement chancellor is found, de Blasio said.

Ahead of the meeting, Carvalho greeted students and parents at iPreparatory Academy, where he named himself principal. He was selected as Florida's 2014 Superintendent of the Year, as well as the 2014 National Superintendent of the Year.

To observers in Miami, the outpouring of support is what finally pushed Carvalho to call de Blasio during the meeting, with a surprising message: thanks, but no thanks. Students ran up to him, hugging him, pleading don't go.

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