Three arrested, charged in U.S. mosque bombing

Three arrested, charged in U.S. mosque bombing

Hari, McWhorter, Morris, and a fourth person, 18-year-old Ellis Mack, have been arrested and charged with the possession of a machine gun. The Illinois U.S. Attorney's Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The second informant told police that Hari detailed the mosque bombing.

In court files authorities say Hari, McWhorter and Morris were responsible for the bombing of a mosque in Bloomington, Minn., on August 5, 2017, and the attempted bombing of the Women's Health Practice in Champaign, Ill., on November 7, 2017. The pipe bomb, constructed of polyvinyl chloride, known as "PVC", exploded, causing extensive damage. Investigators, according to the charges, were given photos of what appeared to be illegal weapons and homemade bombs in Hari's parents' residence. Morris also told the source that Hari said he would pay Morris and McWhorter $18,000 for their involvement. His parents told officers Hari often stays there because his home had no running water.

The Associated Press reports that McWhorter allegedly told an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent following his arrest the group planned to bomb a mosque to let Muslims know they are not welcome in the US and to "scare them out of the country".

A report released in June 2017 by the Council on American-Islamic Relations showed a 91% increase in anti-Muslim incidents in the first six months of 2017 compared to the previous year.

Hussein and other leaders agree one question remains.

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"It's not every day in the United States that a mosque is bombed or a plot to kill Muslims is foiled", he said.

"What would cause somebody who lives in IL to target this mosque?"

Asad Zaman, executive director of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, called on Minnesotans to call out anti-Muslim sentiments within the community. "We believe it is possible one of our neighbors in our communities may have put the target on the mosque forcing the individuals who live in IL to decide to attack a mosque in Minnesota".

The Islamic Center primarily serves Somalis in the Minneapolis area and houses a mosque and religious school for children.

"The President's failure to condemn the terrorist attack on the Bloomington Islamic Center is an outrage", Ellison, the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), said, according to Bloomberg News.

The three men are also charged with the attempted bombing of the Women's Health Practice abortion clinic in Champaign, Illinois, on November 7 2017, according to a statement from the USA attorney's office in Springfield, Illinois.

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