Trump's Reported Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Might Be Fake

Trump's Reported Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Might Be Fake

The Nobel Peace Prize said this week that it had uncovered what appeared to be a forged nomination of President Donald Trump for the prize.

Here's the issue - the process for nominating Peace Prize candidates is highly restricted and limited to government officials, former laureates and some professors.

The leader of the independent Norwegian peace institute said it was "an American player with the right to nominate a candidate" who told him the person had tapped Trump.

"We receive many invalid nominations each year in the sense that they don't meet the deadline or the nominator is not in fact qualified to nominate", Olav Njolstad, the head of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, says, per the Washington Post. The chief of the Oslo police's economic crimes division says that although they haven't yet been able to confirm where the forger is located, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is assisting his team in investigating.

Skjold said the earlier letter was subjected to a thorough and lengthy forensic examination, which the new letter is also likely to undergo.

According to several press reports, an unidentified American nominated Trump for the 2017 prize, saying the USA president should be honored for his "ideology of peace through force".

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Nominations for the prestigious award must be handed in by January 31st and the winners are announced in October.

Mr Skjold said the Nobel Committee had contacted Oslo police about a month ago.

The Nobel Institute keeps the list of nominees secret for at least 50 years.

Traditionally, the names of nominees are kept under wraps; only a select group of people can even submit nominations. The five members of the Nobel committee that selects the victor are also allowed to submit names during their first meeting of the year, which was held on Monday.

Barack Obama (2009), Jimmy Carter (2002), Woodrow Wilson (1919) and Theodore Roosevelt (1906) are the only U.S. presidents who are Nobel Laureates as well.

Last year's prize went to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).

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