Twitter continues tirade against tweetdeckers, suspends several popular accounts

Twitter continues tirade against tweetdeckers, suspends several popular accounts

It's hardly a secret Twitter has struggled in the past to ensure only verified users post original content on its platform.

Twitter has chose to give its platform a bit of a clean up by suspending a number of accounts - some with millions of followers - known for "tweetdecking" and stealing people's tweets without credit. Twitter had previously suspended some of these accounts individually, but it is the first time that the company suspended them all en masse. BuzzFeed reported that the mass suspension was just the latest effort by Twitter to crack down on the process known as "tweetdecking", in which a person gets paid to send the same tweet from multiple accounts using TweetDeck. According to a recent BuzzFeed report, they used their reach to make money by selling retweets, enabling them to artificially make posts go viral. It's not certain that if the suspensions are permanent or not.

Several of these accounts were very popular with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. What is known, however, is that by engaging in "tweetdecking", these accounts have violated the company's policies on spam specifically those that prohibit mass duplication and impersonation. Twitter has suspended quite a lot of accounts that were participating in this behavior.

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This is seemingly no longer appropriate, account to Twitter's terms of service. Now the accounts-which racked up millions of followers and stole amusing tweets without giving credit-are actually gone from Twitter.

The company had also made changes to Tweetdeck and its API last month in a bid to " limit the ability of users to perform coordinated actions across multiple accounts".

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