Air China Flight Diverted After A Passenger Threatened Crew with A Pen

Air China Flight Diverted After A Passenger Threatened Crew with A Pen

As the channel CGTN, the plane made flight from Changsha to Beijing.

A plane passenger has threatened a flight attendant with a fountain pen, forcing an Air China flight bound for Beijing to make an unscheduled landing, according to the country's civil aviation authority.

The man allegedly tried to use a pen to hold the crew member "under duress", according to China's Aviation Administration. It landed there at 10 AM and all the passengers and crew members are safe.

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Chinese police said the 41-year-old passenger, identified only by his last name Xu, had a "history of mental illness".

The flight made an unplanned landing at the Zhengzhou Xin Zheng International Airport, in the central Henan province at around 9:58 a.m., as per the earlier post on the Air China's official Weibo microblog. I mean a person with any kind of mental condition cannot be accused but the person could put others in a risky spot. However, China has been fighting growing dissent from a wide variety of groups including political, religious and regional breakaway factions.

The Zhengzhou airport said in a statement that is activated emergency measures, and added that the passengers who disembarked from the Air China plane were in a stable mood. A woman passenger told The Xiaoxiang Morning Herald that on looking outside the window of the plane, she notices many police cars, ambulances and fire engines parked at Zhengzhou airport.

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