Assistant superintendent for Mandan Public Schools to resign in June

Assistant superintendent for Mandan Public Schools to resign in June

There are several meetings and events scheduled for local school districts this week, and most are focused on preparing for the appointment of new superintendents.

The capital part of the expenditure budget is expected to decrease $132,026 or 4.48 percent. Rogers said the state system for financing schools is so outdated they still get the same allotment for gasoline that they did in the 1980s.

There are two remaining talks, 8:30 to 10 a.m. April 19 in the Lewisville High School Library and 8:30 to 10 a.m. April 24 in the Flower Mound High School Library. Additionally, Rogers said money is being dedicated to hardening the school's entrances. Speakers included Molly Smith, who teaches Leadership at Union Mine High School; Kyle Pellegrini, an eighth-grader at Charter University Prep; Abigail Oberhauser, an eighth-grader at Charter University Prep; and Jared Parker, who teaches special education at El Dorado High School.

Most of the job cuts are through attrition, according to Goewey. Both come amid a mounting push spearheaded by teacher union president Bill Kane questioning district spending priorities. "As we have seen in recent days, schools are not likely to see any substantial budget relief for next year".

"That trend's going to continue through the middle schools eventually and eventually through the high school", he said.

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At the January 23 board meeting, Porter said that Wick had made the following statement: "I understand we need to hire more teachers of color, but have we gone too far in hiring district leadership of color?" She is not exactly sure what that would entail.

In advance of the meeting, the school board received a funding grid highlighting what each level of funding would translate into in terms of educational space for the building.

He said officials accomplished the planned reduction through increased state aid, trimming the budget line by line, benefiting from expiring debt and slicing some employee hours.

Public high schools can not get the amounts of money from sponsorships that universities do, though, he said, because much of the university sponsorships are through alumni networks. The tax levy will fund 28 percent of the budget.

Polunci said the district has a very transient population and enrollment could fluctuate by 50 to 60 students throughout the course of the year. "We are confident Chris" passion for learning and his dedication to maximizing every student's success will serve our district well.

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