Fear the Walking Dead Is Better Than Ever with Morgan Jones

Fear the Walking Dead Is Better Than Ever with Morgan Jones

In Sunday night's finale to The Walking Dead season 8, the All-Out War between the survivors and The Saviors came to end. It ended with a showdown between Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his greatest adversary yet - not the ever-growing horde of zombies marauding across the show's landscape, but baseball bat-wielding psychopath and fan favourite Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

The end of The Walking Dead season 8 finale saw many interesting moments unfold. After Negan counts down from three, the Saviors surround Rick and open fire.

It was later revealed that Rick's one-time ally Eugene, who was believed to have betrayed Rick and his group when he was captured by Negan, had actually sabotaged the weapons in order to save Rick and his old friends. But if you, like Maggie, wanted him dead, you're not going to be happy. Except when Rick et al got to that spot expecting to ambush Negan they heard his familiar whistle seemingly coming from all sides. "Look what you did - Carl didn't know a damn thing".

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This post contains spoilers for the Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 premiere, "What's Your Story?". It looked as if we'd be in for at least a couple of episodes to wait for them all to reunite, a plot device Walking Dead viewers are unfortunately familiar with. This, along with a talk with Morgan-who laments that "we are worse than we were, me and you"-finally causes Rick to come back to himself". Jesus then offers Morgan a suggestion of using the tiresome end of his staff on the living so as not to kill them.

This would've marked one of the more major departures the show's made from its source material as Negan survives in the comics to be imprisoned in Alexandria. When are we going to get answers about that helicopter, or the ultra mod living space she was in? Instead, she sees information as the most important commodity. That technically might not be a problem, since the potential timeline jump could change things up so that Maggie isn't seen as often. Despite getting slashed across the throat with a piece of glass and losing a lot of blood, Rick commands Siddiq to "save him", much to Maggie's disgust. The show removed the moment where Negan admits he never even considered cooperation, but it does keep the result of Negan's distraction: Rick suddenly slashes his throat, wounding him enough to declare victory. Viewing of "The Walking Dead" has already fallen off pretty dramatically, a byproduct of age, the overall gravity of a saturated TV marketplace and yes, missteps that the program has made along the way. Meanwhile, Daryl pledges to show Rick that he was wrong to do what he did. But what happens in the season 8 finale was much more anticlimactic. But only time will tell if Maggie will feel the same in the future. He believes that the vision he sees is Carl showing him the new world. Not right away, of course, but in the near future things are going to get awkward between Rick and Maggie.

Or, we could be looking at a soft reboot where Rick - and Negan - take Carl's goodbye letters to heart and attempt to form a new community together; as impossible as that may seem. It's unlikely we'll see that in the show; Daryl threatens Dwight that he'll kill him if he ever returns, and this Dwight's only interest seems to be to find Sherry.

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