Florida Mom Let 2-Year-Old Child Smoke Meth And Weed

Florida Mom Let 2-Year-Old Child Smoke Meth And Weed

At the moment, the authorities have refused to disclose any details pertaining to Ecker's motive or what will happen to her child.

Autumn Sienna Heinz, a Montana daycare worker who worked with infants, has been accused of smoking meth while on the job, using a "drug den" built below a cabinet.

On January 19, 2018, detectives executed a search warrant at Ecker's residence, located on Card Lane in Crawfordville.

A report noted that people "joked" about the toddler's ability to roll joints for the mother, while others claimed that Ecker forced her child to smoke meth from a pipe.

A house search revealed that the woman had an impressive collection of drug paraphernalia. The two glass pipes tested positive for methamphetamine, according to the cops.

When authorities executed a search warrant on Ecker's home on January 19, they said they found several items "consistent with marijuana and methamphetamine use", including two glass methamphetamine pipes, each with residue inside; a plastic pill bottle converted into a handmade smoking device with burned residue; two marijuana grinders, one of which had marijuana inside; a digital scale; and a small plastic bag containing marijuana residue located within a basket containing children's toys.

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At that time, Ecker was arrested on drug possession charges.

That led them to conduct toxicology tests on both Ecker and the 2-year-old child, who was not identified by name by police.

The sheriff's office says Ecker admitted to smoking marijuana as recently as the night before, but away from the child. She denied knowing that the two-year-old had been exposed to drugs. The blood and hair samples were forwarded to a lab to determine the drug history of Ecker and the two-year old child.

Police said the mother admitted to smoking both drugs, but denied doing so in front of her child.

The Wakulla Sheriff's office didn't go into detail about the relationship between the two-year-old and Kaitlyn Ecker.

On Thursday, authorities made the decision to arrest her and charge her. While the injury was deemed an accident, police investigated Payne after she appeared to be under the influence of drugs. It's also not clear if she has an attorney representing her or when she is expected back in court.

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