HBO's John Oliver Says GOP 'Absolutely Blew It' on Corporate Tax Reform

HBO's John Oliver Says GOP 'Absolutely Blew It' on Corporate Tax Reform

When Russell Crowe announced in March he'd be selling tons of his personal movie memorabilia at an April 2018 divorce auction, many fans were left wondering who would spend hundreds of dollars on such items as Crowe's "Cinderella Man" jockstrap.

The only part of the news that was more entertaining was that Oliver said he was going to send the piece of movie history, along with a few other items of Crowe's from assorted films, to the last remaining Blockbuster Video in Alaska. Before auction, the estimated value of the item had been set at $500. The collection also includes a hood from "Robin Hood", a vest from "Les Miserables" and director's chairs for Crowe and Denzel Washington. " It was 4 AM, and you know what happens when you start online shopping late at night", Oliver explained of the binge bidding.

John Oliver, host of HBO's Last Week Tonight, is known for preforming elaborate stunts on the show, and last Sunday he featured KTUU's reporting on the closure of multiple Blockbusters in Alaska.

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Oliver kicked off the fun reveal explaining that a few Blockbusters had survived in Alaska long after they had disappeared in the continental US because of slower streaming services and more expensive rates in that state, but they had slowly died off.

He made a call out on the show directed at the Debarr Blockbuster's management, giving them 48 hours to get in touch with Last Week Tonight producers, in order to claim the Crowe merchandise.

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