IRS Awards Tax Filing Extension for Santa Barbara County

IRS Awards Tax Filing Extension for Santa Barbara County

Check your state tax department's website: While some states will automatically apply your federal extension, others require you to submit a separate state extension form.

Here's how Americans are planning to use their refund windfalls-and how they can access their typical tax refunds throughout the year rather than waiting for tax time to get them.

According to the indictment, Davis is the owner and operator of Get Organized Tax & Accounting (GOTA), a tax preparation business in Plainfield. The IRS will acknowledge receipt of the extension request if you file by computer. There is no penalty for filing past the April 17 deadline unless you owe money to the IRS.

Felder-Ruiz is charged with conspiring to aid and abet the filing of more than 70 false tax returns and four counts of aiding and abetting in the filing of false tax returns.

Tax Attorney Kevan McLaughlin was in studio with some tips to help you file your taxes without receiving an audit from the I.R.S. Even a messy shoe box full of receipts can lead a tax preparer to find some hidden refund opportunities, so it's advantageous to consider itemizing if you have a home, kids, or a newly complicated tax situation.

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The good news is that this year they will get a reprieve of sorts from the usual April 15 filing deadline - an extra two days to Tuesday, April 17. The result is that it's like a federal holiday and that means that taxpayers have an extra day to file taxes. They then call the victim to say the refund was deposited in error and give information to forward the money to their collection agency.

Filing a tax extension is free.

Paul Joseph of Joseph & Joseph Tax & Payroll in Williamston, Mich., calls the IRA contribution one of the most advantageous things you can do to reduce your tax burden. If you can file your taxes on time, you should. Instead, they are still treating any non-college withdrawal as a non-qualified distribution and could charge you penalties.

One scam is a robotic voice that uses incorrect English, which calls threatening consumers, telling them that they have a debt with the IRS and will be taken under custody by local authorities.

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