Jodie Foster runs a hospital for unsafe criminals — Hotel Artemis trailer

Jodie Foster runs a hospital for unsafe criminals — Hotel Artemis trailer

Hotel Artemis, also starring Sofia Boutella, Dave Bautista and Charlie Day, is set to hit USA theatres June 8. In Hotel Artemis, that idea is the titular hotel, which functions as a secret hospital for wounded criminals.

Jodie Foster stars as the hospital's owner, backed up by Dave Bautista as a nurse, and Sofia Boutella as... some kind of glamorous hospital assassin? When Brown's Waikiki steals a portable vault worth millions and brings it inside Hotel Artemis, Jeff Goldblum's crime boss character tracks him down - and shows that he couldn't care less about the hospital's strict regulations. But Hotel Artemis ain't a hotel, despite its name. The thriller is Pearce's directorial debut, and he's managed to assemble a star-studded cast that includes Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown, Charlie Day, Jeff Goldblum, and Sofia Boutella.

Foster plays the head nurse at the establishment.

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At first glance, Hotel Artemis seems like a thinly-veiled John Wick knock-off, basing its premise around a strictly regulated hotel that caters to the criminally inclined - much like the Continental hotels in those pulpy Wick flicks. In addition to the tension among the baddies in the hospital, there is a kingpin on the outside who wants to take out one of the patients...but that doesn't fall in line with the rules...

Global Road Entertainment's set a June 8, 2018 theatrical release date. You can watch the first trailer for Hotel Artemis in the space above.

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