Now you can download the deleted media files again; know how!

Now you can download the deleted media files again; know how!

WhatsApp for Android has added a new feature in its latest updates. At present, if users delete media including photos, GIFs, and videos from their phone they can not re-download the same on WhatsApp again.

As of now, this feature has been made available in WhatsApp for Android version (2.18.113) and is expected to come to iOS soon, reported WABetaInfo. So this is how it works- say you receive an image from your a friend and you accidentally delete it from the WhatsApp folder in your gallery.

As per a WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp now allows users to download deleted media, such as images, videos, GIFs, voice messages, and documents, from its servers again.

If you have deleted the downloaded media content from the phone's storage, you can go back to the chat conversation on WhatsApp. When it comes to very old media files, it claims that they were not able to download images sent in August 2017 as the app asked them to request the sender to send the files again. But from now on the messaging app will allow you to download deleted media files as well. But this new feature brings back the download button on the deleted file on WhatsApp letting users re-download it multiple times.

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Interestingly, the new WhatsApp feature also means that the messenger stores user data on its servers even after the files have been downloaded.

Earlier, when users deleted media files stored on the WhatsApp folder of their devices, they were no longer able to download those files again.

To be clear, only those messages that are still in your chat log will be downloadable again.

WhatsApp assures that with end-to-end encryption in place the data transferred between two users, who are on the latest versions of WhatsApp, are secured by unique secure code that only the two users can access. It is important to note that the message in the chat needs to be present in order to retrieve the media. It has chose to store all the messages and multimedia content on its server even if it is downloaded by the user.

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