Philly DA Says Meek Mill Should Get a New Trial

Philly DA Says Meek Mill Should Get a New Trial

Meek Mill is finally one step closer to freedom after the Philadelphia District Attorney agreed the rapper should be given a new hearing.

The Philadelphia district attorney's office on Monday threw its support behind a campaign to overturn the conviction of the rapper Meek Mill, the latest turn in a decade-old drug and guns conviction.

After court, Brian McMonagle, a lawyer for Meek Mill, told the Inquirer that he would be filing motions with higher courts to secure Meek Mill's release.

But many who advocate for Mill's release say they're protesting for something bigger than just his case-for the reform of a justice system that allows young Black men to become incarcerated for long periods of time-keeping them separated from their families-for non-violent charges, such as possession of marijuana. Mill already served time for the conviction, and is now serving another two to four years in jail on a probation violation. Krasner's office are pursuing a new trial after Meek Mill's arresting officer Reginald Graham appeared on a secret list of police with "a history of lying, racial bias, or brutality" discouraged from testifying, and another former Philadelphia police officer claimed that Graham lied during his testimony when he claimed Mill pointed a gun at him prior to his 2007 arrest.

The judge in the case reportedly wouldn't discuss the possibility of bail.

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McMonagle said the district attorney's office "has shown a lot of integrity".

A police spokesman said that the office had no comment on the arresting officer allegations. "I love my dad very much". "He picks me up from school".

Brinkley has been the topic of tough criticism against Mill's lawyers. They have unsuccessfully appealed the sentence multiple times and have called for Brinkley to recuse herself.

Meek Mill wasn't present for the court hearing on Monday.

She said Mill has raised "unmeritorious claims of impropriety in an attempt to unfairly judge shop".

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