Alleged NJ Mystery Pooper Is A Hudson Valley Native

Alleged NJ Mystery Pooper Is A Hudson Valley Native

Police set the trap that resulted in Tramaglini's arrest after high school staffers and coaches complained to their on-site resource officer that somebody was befouling their track and field.

Fox News reports that Tramaglini was arrested while running on the athletic fields' track just before 6 a.m. Monday, reported.

Tramaglini was charged with lewdness, littering, and defecating in public.

In addition to being superintendent, also reported that Tramaglini is a part-time lecturer at Rutgers Graduate School of Education in New Brunswick.

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According to local police, coaches and staff at Holmdel High School in the USA had been finding human shit on the school's track and field for days.

The Kenilworth School Board issued a statement after learning about the matter. For some reason, Holmdel High School officials would show up to the footbal field and find poop there for some odd reason, but no one knew where it came from.

And as to why a superintendent would choose to spend his time secretly defecating on school grounds? A district spokesperson said leave can only be unpaid if the employee is indicted or is facing tenure charges.

The superintendent has been placed on paid leave, according to Kenilworth Public School district.

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