Battlefield V Live Reveal Date and Time Announced

Battlefield V Live Reveal Date and Time Announced

On Wednesday, comedian Trevor Noah, who is hosting the program for the new "Battlefield" game, took to Twitter to confirm the rumors about the game's reveal date. The event is still scheduled for May 23rd at 1 PM EST and will be livestreamed on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer. Prepare for multiplayer that spans multiple maps and modes, meaning you'll experience more varied and exciting Battlefield moments.

After some naming tricks with last year's Battlefield 1, which followed the release of BF4 in 2016, many wondered what the next title in EA and DICE's popular shooter franchise would be called. Predictably, there are no details on where exactly Battlefield V will be set, but previous rumours have pointed to World War II. Rumors claiming that a new Battlefield game is in the works have popped up here and there in recent months, and now Electronic Arts has confirmed that one is on the way. Hear from DICE team members Oskar Gabrielson, the head of DICE Stockholm, Andreas Morell, senior producer, Lars Gustavsson, creative director, and Daniel Berlin, design director, as they fill you in on their Battlefield V vision. The title "Battlefield V" was revealed by multiple sources, all claiming that the next game is set during the Second World War. According to EA DICE, Battlefield V will take the multiplayer to the next level. Vague "gameplay changes" were also hinted at and will be explained at the event. Dollars for donuts - a battle royale mode.

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In that, the War Stories structure is returning.

As for Battlefield itself, I used to play BF1 religiously nearly every night, but recent changes to the game's mechanics have left me soured to the point where I've hopped into a game only twice in the last two months.

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