BlacKkKlansman, Cannes Film Festival

BlacKkKlansman, Cannes Film Festival

Based on the trailer, it appears Lee has managed to make both a fun and entertaining buddy cop movie and a topical and political film that he's built his career on.

Spike Lee has captivated audiences for more than 30 years with his depictions of life in black America, infused with his signature mix of entertainment, activism and rage.

The first trailer for Spike Lee's provocative drama BlacKkKlansman has arrived.

He quickly sets out on a risky mission to infiltrate and expose the Klan, by posing as a racist extremist.

Stallworth also finds himself so accepted that he ends up having phone conversations with Grand Wizard David Duke, played by Topher Grace, who doesn't suspect at all that he is actually conversing with an African-American. To do so, though, the rookie needs help, and he finds it in his colleague Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver), who is Jewish.

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"Can you do that?" the police chief asks Stallworth.

What: The first trailer for BLACKkKLANSMEN.

"That motherfucker was given a chance to say 'we're about love and not hate, ' and that motherfucker did not denounce the motherfucking Klan, the alt-right", Lee said. It's likely no coincidence that Lee-a provocateur known for his topical and political references-found a way to slip this line into his period piece.

The film is premiering in competition at the Cannes film festival and is based on Stallworth's memoir.

BlacKkKlansman hits theaters August 10, via Focus Features.

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